Thursday, 17 May 2012

The internet and online communities

in this blog i will be looking at different online communities. these are all going to be around the online communities that are based on food! I will be looking at three different cooking communities, these communities are of all types of people that share the same love of food!!

my first online community is called discuss cooking. this online communitiy is where heaps of people go to post about food they have made, new recipies that they have seen or just to see what everyone is cooking for tea. this site enables the community to share with each other their love of food and all the fun stuff like recipies that go with it. people can post on this site a question or a word and then everyone who goes on this site can see it and comment on it, no matter where in the world they are. from this community they not only get inaction but they also gain things like advice on how to cook new recipies and meet new people via the web. this site not only helps people that are cooking for fun but also chefs looking for new things and hints as to how they can gain more skills. occupational performance is being carried out in this blog by the people talking about cooking and then actually cooking. it also involves occupational identity these people arent chefs but they are making creations and therfore who is to tell them that they are not.

the next online community is called mixing bowl. this site is the site for information if you are into food! it has all the different type of video information and facts about food, this site is for people to read the posts that have been written and then comment on them and talk between them about the boosts and what they think about it. this site also has occupational performance as it is people preforming the cooking and then talking about it. and also occupational justice the people who don have as many opportunities as other better cooks, by being able to  get to all of this information it means that there is the chance for them be able to

my last online cooking community, is about a chefs guide to finding information on the web. this web site is all about sharing the information abut good food, where to get it, how to make it and all different kinds of tips and hints for amazing dishes. on this site the way that people interact with each other is by posting and commenting underneath about what the comment is about. this community. this site enables occupational identity the people are able to go on and talk about their feats and their own personal experiences. it also shows occupational participation by the people participating in the cooking side of things this means that they are able to participate in the talking about the cooking and then do it their selves.

linking blogs of interest and exchanging comments

  1. wow rach it looks like you have done alot of reasearch on assistive technology, how long did it take you?
  2. Hi Georgia,
    I was mainly interested in getting information about communication devices! There is so much information out there! This blog post took me about an hour I would say? I had to find some YouTube videos and find what product I thought was the best.
    Thanks for your interest!

Friday, 27 April 2012

Assistive technology

 this blog I will be talking about assistive technology. The definition for assistive technology is “technological interventions (devices) designed to enable engagement or participation in occupations through energy conservation, accommodation for diverse physical abilities, or chomprehension for functional limitations or disabilities” (Christansen & townsend, 2010)  To me this definition means that no whatever the circumstance there is technology that will help with the difficulties that any person is having and that it will improve their life for the better.
The piece of equipment that I am going to be using is the ipad. The cost of an ipad in New Zealand at the moment is approximately $579. There are so many different functions on the ipad but to name a few are hands free control, the touch to control, the voice recorder, the conversational mode and the many different type of games that are accessible. In the lecture that we had with an OT who has used the ipad he had many different uses for it he had the children communicating on and he had specific applications for the learning of specific children.  The first example I am going to use to show how the ipad is significant to occupational participation is a demo of how when you talk to the ipad it writes out what you have said, this could be a means of communication for people partaking in occupation. 
The next video that I am using is a video is a truly great one, it shows the viewer how the ipad changes the lives for children with autism. This one tool enables children to communicate, to learn and to create. This tool is going to help these children feel that they are able to learn in a way that is good for them a way that they are able to experience themselves.
Christansen, H & Townsend, A. (2010) An introduction to Occupation the art and science of living. Pearson inc.

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Video production session

It was so much fun planning and making this video! We used the idea occupational deprivation. Our film was based on the life of a poor student, the troubles that she goes through from not having enough money. the film is called the life of a poor student. occupation deprivation is  " A state of prolonged preclusion from engagement occupations of necessity or meaning due to factors outside  the control of an individual such as through geographical isolation, incarceration or disability" (Christansen & townsend, 2010) first we picked what idea we would use then we thought how it effects us as students. Then we planned out how we would portray this through a one minute film then we got to it and started filming. The film shows the student unable to buy food, having to get up early and go to class it also shows her unable to partake in leisure activities with her friends because of cost constraints. This film ends in the student graduating with honours from her degree and she is looking healthy and happy. The film shows the sacrifice that the student makes to gain her degree and in the end it shows that the sacrifice of different occupations worked in the long run and she ended up getting what she deserved.
Christansen, H & Townsend, A. (2010) An introduction to Occupation the art and science of living. Pearson inc.

Our Film!

Video production

For this blog we have to pick a topic of interest that we have experienced from placement using videos we have to show this topic in our blogs the topic that I have picked is sensory technology. In one of my placements they had a fabulous new sensory room with many different types of technology.

this video clip shows an awesome sensory room in the UK for school children who have autism. With alot of technology that would make the experience for the client amazing!

another amazing sensory room. With all different kind of technology to stimulate an individual.

this one is more focused on the lights and music, its a safe relaxing environment.

this one is a walk through of a sensory room in the progress.

this video is of a young boy enjoying and experiencing the sensory room

Information technology

This blog for my participation in occupation class will be about information technology and ethical issues. The definition of information “Facts provided or learned about something or someone” (oxford, 2008). The definition of technology is “Machinery and equipment developed from such scientific knowledge” (oxford, 2008) and the definition of information technology is "the branch of engineering that deals with the use of computers and telecommunications to retrieve and store and transmit information" ( me these definitions mean that we use all different types of technology to communicate with the rest of the world and it shows how we keep moving into the future with the new technology that comes out on a regular basis. These definitions cover what information technology and also break down what each word is too.

In today’s modern day society information technology has become completely vital to everyday life. It is how we keep in contact, do our work, spend our leisure time, how we spend time with our family, how we look at the dollar, how we read the news, and how we see the weather. If someone doesn’t know anything their first reaction is to Google it. Technology has become so vital to us today there would be alot of people who wouldn’t get through a day without it.

On a daily basis I use many different types of technology, my computer to keep in touch with people, do my work, and to spend leisure time. I also use my cell phone daily I hardly ever now hand write letters I just call people on my phone. I am so comfortable using this technology that I wouldn’t be able do alot of things without it.

Throughout my placements I have seen many flash pieces of technology that are making occupational therapists jobs easier, new things like hoists and ipads are revolutionising  the OT industry. When I was on placement there was a brand new sensory room they had heaps of new technology that made the clients more eager to co-operate with the OT. Even the new iphone has revolutionised the industry with is state of the art hands free technology. I can only see the technology part of our industry expanding in the future. I think that a great understanding of IT is important in this profession as it is only going to keep expanding and we will need to keep up with it to stay at the top of profession.
When using information technology it’s key to remember that you need to have others permission to put photos or information on the internet.